A year ago we published a list of 100+ amazing eCommerce websites using Spree. Since that time a lot of new Spree stores popped up all around the world. Also, the past year was a turning point in the Spree Commerce development. 

With the 4.3 version, Spree became headless and API-first, unlocking limitless UX customization possibilities with best-in-class decoupled Next.js Commerce and Vue Storefront integrations. 

Version 4.4 made Spree even more composable and customizable by introducing features such as Digital Products, Webhooks, Wishlists, Meta Data, and Platform API. 

Several milestones have been reached as well. Spree hit 1.5M downloads and 11K stars on GitHub which made it the second most popular open-source eCommerce solution

In this article, you can find our selection of the most impressive and interesting Spree eCommerce websites that appeared in the past few months.

1. FarmersToYou – farm-fresh food, wellness & health marketplace delivered weekly, operating in Boston and Northern Vermont, USA

Farmers To You website is nice looking and easy to use. The filtering options on PLP are advanced and besides basic categories include options such as diet type (e.g. vega or gluten-free), meal suggestions, or holidays (e.g. Valentine’s Day). Other cool features include product reviews on PDP, gift cards and Donate Food option. 

Read Farmers To You success story

farmers to you success story

2. KFC Chile – Kentucky Fried Chicken’s local delivery eCommerce platform in Chile

This platform makes it possible to make orders with delivery from the nearest restaurant to the user’s home or other address. Orders can only be placed during the nearest restaurant’s working hours, otherwise, the checkout will not go through and the information about it will appear. On PDP there is an interesting feature – a place where users can place additional info or requests.

Read KFC Chile’s success story

KFC Chile and Spree Commerce success story

3. Planteka – a garden marketplace and local plant community from Barcelona

The design is fresh, minimalist, and aesthetic. It’s incredibly easy to navigate thanks to the megamenu with top categories that unfold to reveal subcategories. Users can filter products by price, product type, light requirements, and even whether or not it is pet friendly. Or they can then go to Vendors’ Pages to browse the offerings of each particular seller. 

Read Planteka’s success story

Planteka and Spree Commerce success story

4. Cosmaé – natural beauty kits manufacturer from France

The website is simply beautiful, and the pastel colors and its feminine touch certainly appeal to the target audience. Users can browse by ingredients or recipes and filter by skin and hair type and the type of care (e.g skincare, haircare, makeup, etc). They can also create wishlists with both ingredients or recipes. 

Read Cosmaé’s success story

Cosmae and Spree Commerce success story

5. Refako Autodele – auto parts store from Denmark with over 200K products

The User Experience of Refako’s website is simply amazing. A user only needs to enter their license plate on the Homepage to instantly view a listing of parts categories for your specific car model. They can then either click on the category they’re looking for or use the filters available on the left-hand side. On the Category Page, each product displays its availability for delivery or pick-up and in which cities. If an item is out-of-stock, there will be information regarding the waiting time.

Read Refako’s success story

Refako Autodele and Spree Success story

6. PCB Industry – electronic components B2B eCommerce from the US

With the PCB Industry B2B website, users don’t need to send files and wait for a quote anymore. It’s enough to enter the required PCB characteristics and quantity. The price list automatically updates and offers pricing from the company’s factory partners in the USA, Taiwan, and China. Users can choose the country of origin and the delivery needed.

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PCB industry and Spree Commerce success story

7. Messermacher – Austrian store with high-quality knives

Messermacher’s website has a somewhat unusual design, different from most of the trends we are used to. The dark background and the color palette give it an elegant décor that certainly appeals to customers who are willing to pay several thousand euros for a knife.

Apart from purchasing ready-made products, Messermacher’s customers can design their own personalized knives using the Configurator. It is a truly amazing tool with advanced customization options at every one of the five steps where one can personalize everything from blade steel to handle material and sheath.

Read Messemacher’s success story

Messermacher and Spree Commerce success story

8. OK-Print – custom printed products like posters, leaflets, roll-ups, etc from Portugal

This multi-language website looks great with its minimalistic design and is very user-friendly. Customers can order web-to-print services, including personalized printing of posters, leaflets, and other promotional materials. They just need to upload their design and select the desired parameters and the total price will appear on the right side just above the Add to cart button.

Read OK-Print’s success story

OK Print and Spree Commerce success story

9. Meesa – a lingerie online store with monthly subscriptions from Nepal

10. Gofix-Pro – an online hardware and metalware store from France

11. Good Eat Club – a quality food marketplace and shopping club from Japan

12. Pampa Records – an independent record label from Germany, selling records and fan merch online

13. Lisa & Lou – a multi-brand organic beauty products shop from the UK

14. Xiph Cyber Shop – a cyber security store selling both physical (hardware) and digital (software) products, from Australia

15. Wish You More – a health products online store from Germany

16. Optica La Joya – an online store with glasses from El Salvador

17. The Cheese Wheel Co – a Colombian food ordering website

18. Montegrosso – a premium men’s fashion store from Greece

19. The Craft Guys Trading Company – an importer of craft beverages operating in the US and UK

20. Tastebuds – a local food marketplace from Bergen, Norway

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