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Ecommerce UX best practices and trends

What is UX

User experience (UX) is about the user’s perception of your product, service, or website and emotions associated with it. While it applies to all the aspects of the user’s customer journey, from the product itself, packaging, delivery, and customer service, the key part for ecommerce is the positive experience on your website. Otherwise, the user will not convert into a customer and will never get a chance to experience the other touchpoints. 

We can say that user experience is about evoking positive emotions as well as helping our potential customers to achieve their goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Continue reading

subscriptions ecommerce and Spree Commerce

7 successful subscription businesses using Spree Commerce as their ecommerce solution

Spree Commerce supports multiple ways to implement subscription ecommerce – either directly through payment processors such as Stripe, Braintree, or Adyen or by integrating with SaaS subscription platforms such as Chargify or Chargebee. Here are 7 success stories of subscription ecommerce businesses powered by Spree Commerce. Explore subscription ecommerce solutions for your business. Continue reading

Spree 4.1 - blazing fast, mobile-first E-Commerce platform with superior UX and SEO

Move from Magento 1 end-of-life to Spree Commerce 4.1

Magento 1.9, and in fact all Magento 1 versions, have reached their end of life and will no longer receive any quality updates or security fixes. All Magento 1 users are encouraged to move away to another version or an alternate platform. If you’re looking for a customizable, scalable, open-source E-Commerce platform for the years to come, then Spree Commerce 4.1 might be a good fit for your project.

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Spree Partner Network – expert E-Commerce developers in high demand

Spree Partner Network – expert E-Commerce developers in high demand

Spree Partner Network is an opportunity for Ruby on Rails (but also Javascript) software agencies to gain new Spree clients, Spree project experience and marketing exposure. It’s an opportunity for E-Commerce businesses to work with reliable and proven Spree development partners. As several E-Commerce categories are currently booming, expert E-Commerce developers are in high demand. Spree Partner Network brings benefits to both the clients and dev shops.

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COVID-19 pandemic shifting E-Commerce consumer habits for good

COVID-19 pandemic shifting E-Commerce consumer habits for good

With brick and mortar stores, manufacturers, and some fulfillment-challenged online businesses out of the game due to social distancing, there is still quite a lot of E-Commerce categories on the somewhat unexpected rise. As consumer behavior is shifting towards remote work, home entertainment, online shopping, and home deliveries in categories such as groceries, household goods, health care, or wellness sales are going through the roof. What will be the long term impact of the ongoing crisis on the E-Commerce industry? Everyone will benefit in the long term. Continue reading

CBD interstate commerce multi vendor marketplace ecommerce

CBD E-Commerce marketplace compliant with FDA interstate regulations

FDA’s jurisdiction over interstate CBD sales could be possibly avoided with a CBD E-Commerce multi-vendor marketplace offering hemp products in each state separately. Customers living in a particular state could only purchase CBD products from merchants based in their own state. Spree Commerce can help to make that happen.

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rental marketplace multivendor sharing swapping p2p spree commerce

P2P rental marketplace development using Spree Commerce

A rental marketplace is a multi-vendor E-commerce platform connecting people or parties who want to use the equipment, sports gear, vehicles or real estate owned by some other people. Sometimes called a P2P marketplace, it allows for renting, loaning, sharing, swapping. Spree Commerce may be customized for such a purpose.

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Cannabidiol CBD oils, capsules and crystals isolate with small blackboard with CBD

FDA warning letters to 22 CBD E-Commerce businesses provide guidance for the industry

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently published 22 detailed warning letters sent late in 2019 to firms that “marketed unapproved new drugs that allegedly contained cannabidiol (CBD)”. These detailed letters contain valuable insights into the FDA’s thinking about interstate CBD sales and also guidance for hundreds of other CBD merchants on what kind of activities, including marketing copy, FDA sees as unacceptable. TLDR: don’t claim CBD cures any disease. Here’s a brief breakdown of what the FDA said.

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