vendor trust in spree commerce and stripe multi-vendor marketplace projects

Spree Commerce and Stripe for marketplace projects: how to build vendor trust and incentivize them to join?

Two-sided or multi-vendor marketplaces face an early chicken and egg problem – without vendors, suppliers or service providers there’s no value for the customers but without the customers, vendors don’t see a point of joining the marketplace. This problem is usually solved by building vendor trust and incentivizing the vendors, as the payout recipients having interest in getting new business, which is the first step to getting market traction. And what do the vendors really want? Stripe says: confidence in getting paid asap. Spree Commerce support that vision with a Stripe Connect integration.

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p2p peer-to-peer marketplace

Building a P2P Marketplace on Spree Commerce for the sharing, renting, swapping economy

An interview with Damian Legawiec, Spree Commerce open source tech lead, who talks about his experiences of building and running a successful P2P marketplace based on Spree Commerce. In the words of its founding father, it was “like a transactional Facebook + Messenger and people were spending quite a lot of time there every single day.” What are the most popular P2P use cases? Sharing, renting, swapping. People want to use everyday items without buying new ones because they only need it for a limited time once in a while. It’s only the beginning of the sharing economy.

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multi vendor marketplace platform open source saas

Which marketplace platform should you choose for your online marketplace business?

So you have 10-15 years of experience in your industry, know all about its potential, have contacts to the sellers, know how to reach the buyers, have read books such as “Platform scale” and plenty of blog posts, want to launch your own marketplace already, hope for the first mover advantage and the last missing piece of the puzzle is the marketplace technology. Now, you’re wondering which marketplace platform would be a good fit for your marketplace business. Here’s a quick walkthrough.

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Tech Open Air TOA Berlin conference

TOA Berlin – 2-5th July 2019

Spree Commerce proudly presents a partner event:

What is it?

TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Our mission is to help people futureproof their businesses and their lives.

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Saint P RubyConf

Saint P RubyConf – 1-2nd June 2019

Spree Commerce proudly presents a partner event:

What is it?

Rails have been pushing the concept of “set up a blog in 15 minutes” for the last 15 years. It has been equipping programmers with modern tech stack, providing users with decent interface, and offering business owners a quick launch.

Meanwhile, Hanami and Dry-rb are actively incorporating a bunch of modern paradigms into Ruby, such as Inversion of Control, Dependency Injections, and Containers. The community is also experimenting with DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and Evented store.

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Amsterdam JS Nation

Amsterdam JSNation – 6-7th June 2019

Spree Commerce proudly presents a partner event:

What is it?

Amsterdam JSNation is a 2-day event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. At our conference, inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people with summer Amsterdam in the background. We recognize JavaScript development as an art of engineering that is why conference happens in a former church Rembrandt attended. Which is located in the most center of the city next to the best places Amsterdam has to offer. Continue reading

E-commerce meetup Berlin

E-commerce Meetup Berlin 2019

Spree Commerce proudly presents a partner event:


What is it?

E-commerce Meetup Berlin is a series of events for E-commerce and digital marketing professionals.

We believe that staying on top of E-commerce trends and expanding your network of business friends can really make a difference in your professional life and boost your business results.

We are very excited to announce that our first event guest on 13th June will be Damian Legawiec, Spree Commerce Tech Lead & CTO of Spark Solutions, a full stack E-commerce agency.

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stylish fashion online stores

10 stylish fashion online stores built with Spree Commerce

There is no compromise on style as far as fashion stores are concerned, both online and offline. After all it is all about good looks and making an impression. However, a nice looking design is not enough if conversion is your priority. Excellent User Experience, website loading time, customer care and easy checkout are only a few parameters that you should take into consideration. Take a look at these inspiring examples of fashion brands doing it right in the eCommerce world with the help of Spree.

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