• French manufacturer of organic beauty products uses Spree for its stunning DTC eCommerce platform

French manufacturer of organic beauty products uses Spree for its stunning DTC eCommerce platform

Natural and organic ingredients to make your homemade cosmetics


Cosmaé is a small company, located in the French Brittany region, manufacturing natural cosmetic ingredients for professionals since 2002, in an eco-responsible and sustainable approach. After 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cosmetic ingredients, its founders wanted to bring their expertise and know-how to the general public by creating a DTC eCommerce platform Cosmae.com.

Cosmaé gives its customers an opportunity to manufacture their own cosmetics from natural and organic ingredients provided by the company together with the guidance of its team of chemists and biologists.

Cosmae.com website

The website is simply beautiful, and the pastel colors and its feminine touch certainly appeal to the target audience. By clicking on Our Ingredients in the top navigation menu, users can choose the type of ingredient. After that, on the Product Listing Page, they can filter the items by skin and hair type and the type of care (e.g skincare, haircare, makeup, etc). The Product Page presents a lot of information about each ingredient, its common uses in cosmetics, and which of Cosmaé’s recipes include it. Users can also browse the recipes (Our Recipies in the top navigation menu) by care type and this way find the products that they might be interested in purchasing. 

A customer account is required to order on the Cosmaé website. It also allows you to manage your account and your information (delivery address, billing address, etc.), track your order, create wishlists by adding ingredients or recipes, and finally, leave a review to share your experience with the brand. 

Cosmae and Spree Commerce success story

Cosmaé and Spree Commerce

Cosmaé is one of the many stylish DTC eCommerce websites created with Spree Commerce. Spree has been very popular in the fashion and beauty industries as it is very customizable and allows brands to create outstanding User Experiences for their highly demanding customers. Other examples of beauty marketplace businesses using Spree Commerce are Violet Grey and Form Beauty

Tech stack:

  • Spree Commerce
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • GSAP
  • Stimulus


Cosmae and Spree Commerce success story

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