Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags – including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more—with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit your website code.


The integration of Google Tag Manager with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Google Tag Manager for your Ecommerce business


Eliminates the hassle of hard coding tags


It takes a few clicks to edit, remove or add new tags and it can all be done through a user-friendly GTM interface. This means that once Google Tag Manager is installed, the marketing team does not depend upon IT to deploy tags.


Makes advanced tracking a breeze


It comes with an array of built-in tags and functions that enable users to implement advanced tracking in a short window of time. For example, instead of having to add event tracking code to every “Submit” button on the site, a user can turn to GTM to create one tag with a certain set of rules to track clicks on all buttons across the site.


Centralizes tag management


By giving you one place to manage all the marketing and analytics tags used on your site, GTM significantly improves the efficiency of tag management and simplifies the process of adding, editing and removing tags by eliminating the repetition and reducing the chances of errors.

How to integrate Google Tag Manager with Spree


The easiest way to integrate Google Tag Manager with Spree is using Spree Analytics Trackers.

This extensions adds support for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and Segment Ecommerce tracking to Spree Commerce stores.


Via you can plug-in also a lot of additional vendors and services like:



No additional development required.




  1. Add this extension to your Gemfile with this line:
gem 'spree_analytics_trackers', github: 'spree-contrib/spree_analytics_trackers'

  1. Install the gem using Bundler:
bundle install
  1. Copy & run migrations
bundle exec rails g spree_analytics_trackers:install
  1. Restart your server

If your server was running, restart it so that it can find the assets properly.


Adding specialized analytics to your online store has never been so simple! Just install `spree_analytics_trackers`, configure Segment and connect hundreds of various analytic solutions. – Piotr Leniec, Senior Fullstack Developer, Spark Solutions

Examples of Google Tag Manager and Spree integration


Felix Gray‘s glasses are designed for healthier, happy eyes. The company uses Spree for their online store and Google Tag Manager to update website tags without having to introduce any changes to the code.


Read more: Felix Gray’s success story

example of Spree Commerce and Google Tag Manager integration Felix Gray

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