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ElasticSearch and Spree Commerce

Optimize your ecommerce User Experience with ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch can be used to optimize ecommerce user experience in the areas of search, product listings, menus, and navigation by enabling blazing-fast data retrieval and creating new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. If you have a growing ecommerce website, then you should be looking into integrating ElasticSearch to allow its further growth. 

The distinctive competitive advantages of integrating ElasticSearch with your ecommerce store are page load speed, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. But let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading

subscriptions ecommerce and Spree Commerce

7 successful subscription businesses using Spree Commerce as their ecommerce solution

Spree Commerce supports multiple ways to implement subscription ecommerce – either directly through payment processors such as Stripe, Braintree, or Adyen or by integrating with SaaS subscription platforms such as Chargify or Chargebee. Here are 7 success stories of subscription ecommerce businesses powered by Spree Commerce. Explore subscription ecommerce solutions for your business. Continue reading

fully responsive mobile first mobile friendly Ecommerce

Google switches to mobile first indexing in 2020

Google announced that it will be switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites starting September 2020. “It’s great to see how the web has evolved from desktop to mobile” the announcement reads. Google now officially rewards not only good content and page load speed but also mobile-first responsive web design. Spree Commerce 4.1 delivers all three for E-Commerce projects.

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CBD interstate commerce multi vendor marketplace ecommerce

CBD E-Commerce marketplace compliant with FDA interstate regulations

FDA’s jurisdiction over interstate CBD sales could be possibly avoided with a CBD E-Commerce multi-vendor marketplace offering hemp products in each state separately. Customers living in a particular state could only purchase CBD products from merchants based in their own state. Spree Commerce can help to make that happen.

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Mailchimp Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Spree Commerce

Abandoned cart recovery with Mailchimp Ecommerce

Most online stores are losing revenue by leaving orders behind. When a customer adds products to the cart but doesn’t complete the checkout, that order is lost. Mailchimp Ecommerce automates sending out email reminders with the abandoned cart contents and tracks all recovered sales in a dashboard. It also comes with several other automations and email marketing tools. 

 TL;DR: It’s basically free money with hardly any dev work. Just install it and watch the recovered orders roll in.

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stylish fashion online stores

10 stylish fashion online stores built with Spree Commerce

There is no compromise on style as far as fashion stores are concerned, both online and offline. After all it is all about good looks and making an impression. However, a nice looking design is not enough if conversion is your priority. Excellent User Experience, website loading time, customer care and easy checkout are only a few parameters that you should take into consideration. Take a look at these inspiring examples of fashion brands doing it right in the eCommerce world with the help of Spree.

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Multi-vendor marketplace examples from Spree Commerce success stories

Multi-vendor marketplace examples from Spree Commerce success stories

A multi-vendor marketplace is considered one of the most versatile business models, regardless of the niche or the industry. There are multiple examples of how this business works and how it can be applied with Spree Commerce

According to data gathered by McFayden Digital, global ecommerce will be worth up to $4 trillion by 2020. The growth is driven by the increasingly important position of online marketplaces among all digital companies. In fact, many unicorns are marketplaces that operate in areas where there was previously no marketplace available. 

It’s a compelling option for a new business but can seem daunting. However, building your own marketplace is much easier with the proper tech stack. Spree Commerce is a versatile and modern tool to fulfill these needs.  Continue reading

multi-vendor marketplaces are the future of retail

Multi-vendor marketplaces are the future of online retail (and retailers know it!)

What do Aliexpress, Amazon, and Alibaba have in common apart from starting with the first letter of the alphabet and being among the most valuable ecommerce brands in the world? They all operate in the multi-vendor marketplace business model. 

The multi-vendor marketplace model is currently one of the sexiest business models in the ecommerce world. McFayden Digital states that global ecommerce is predicted to be worth $4 Trillion by 2020 and that marketplaces are playing an increasingly important role in this booming industry. This growth comes from the flexibility of the model and the ability to apply it in nearly every business—be it in the B2B or B2C sector, selling products and services alike. In fact, many modern unicorns, including Uber or Airbnb, are marketplaces that are strictly designed to fulfill a particular need and operate in a previously unaddressed niche.  Continue reading