• Dissolve – a Canadian high-end stock footage provider uses Spree Commerce for its digital products marketplace

Dissolve - a Canadian high-end stock footage provider uses Spree Commerce for its digital products marketplace

Digital products marketplace offering exceptional story-driven videos and photography


Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Dissolve is a digital products marketplace that lists both rights-managed and royalty-free content. Their licensed stock footage and photographs are available worldwide for use in all varieties of advertisements, whether it be on TV or simple Google banners.

For them, content is key, and they have no shortage of images that follow the hottest visual trends. Along with their vast selection of exclusive footage and free bonus services, it’s easy to see how their platform offers significant value to their customers.

Dissolve was founded in 2013 and received $5M VC funding the very same year. Now it licenses more than 3 million video clips and photos.

Dissolve.com website

Exhibiting an edgy storefront layout with a homepage that lets you discover the most relevant content and editor’s picks, it’s clear to see they designed their website with modern content creators’ aesthetics in mind.

Functionality-wise, their library is effortlessly searchable thanks to their user-friendly search tool that shows users search refinement suggestions and provides many filtering options. Users that prefer browsing rather than searching can exploit the mindfully organized product catalog by exploring themes, styles, and curated galleries. 

Notable features on Dissolve.com website: 

  • Account options – Dissolve Team and Dissolve Priority give you more buying solutions. Invite your entire team to the same account, keep track of orders, and have control over your account.
  • Dissolve folders with tools to organize your clips and photos, create quotes, share easily, and even upload your own files.
  • Showreels – a showcase of different ways in which you can use the available footage
  • Creator hub with creator profiles, inspirations, challenges
  • Apps: 
  • A Dissolve merch store with products like T-shirts, socks, sketchbooks, etc
Dissolve digital products marketplace built with Spree Commerce

Dissolve and Spree Commerce

Dissolve is a marketplace for professional quality stock footage that uses Spree Commerce to power its sophisticated online platform that sells both digital and physical products (merch). Cinematographers upload their footage, and professional video editors and producers purchase HD videos to enhance their movies, commercials, and presentations. Dissolve licenses both rights-managed and royalty-free footage and photography and provides solutions to creative workflow and collaboration.

Dissolve’s online platform offers a wide variety of features to boost their customers’ experience: 

  • Over 1.1 Million stock videos, covering various concepts and topics
  • Stock photos to complement your projects
  • Over 150,000 of that is exclusive footage, that can only be found at Dissolve
  • Different video resolutions:
    • SD: 720 x 480 px
    • HD: 1920 x 1080 px
    • 4K: 3840 x 2160 p
  • A la carte buying with a wide price range, from $29 to $499 depending on resolution and exclusivity
    • SD: Non-exclusive $49 (there are no exclusive SD clips)
    • HD: Non-exclusive $29 (yes, much cheaper than SD) – Exclusive $299
    • 4K: Non-exclusive $199 (less than exclusive HD) – Exclusive $499
  • Discounts structured around the amount of money spent in one month
    • Over $1000 spent in a month gets you 10% off
    • Over $3000 spent in a month gets you 15% off
    • Over $5000 spent in a month gets you 20% off
    • Over $10000 spent in a month gets you 25% off
  • Royalty-Free licenses: simple and quick licensing with wide usage options
  • Rights Managed licenses: specific usage coverage
  • Exclusivity buy-out: be the only one using a particular clip
  • Extended licenses available for the resale of products
  • In-house researchers to find the right clips for you, for free
  • Priority service for your research inquiries, access to unwatermarked previews, and more

Tech Stack:

  • Spree Commerce
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Atlassian Cloud
  • GSAP
  • VideoJS
  • Zurb Foundation


Dissolve digital products marketplace built with Spree Commerce



The global stock video market size is expected to grow by $ 204M during 2021-2025. Dissolve’s offer definitely stands out from the crowd due to the fact that its footage collections are hand-picked for technical quality, aesthetic style, and cultural relevance. Over 150K of its 1M+ videos is exclusive content, only available on Dissolve’s marketplace. The company’s online platform that connects creators with customers offers a unique User Experience with all the tools and features designed to support and boost your creativity. It is a perfect example of how Spree Commerce can empower a digital products business.

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