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There is no compromise on style as far as fashion stores are concerned, both online and offline. After all it is all about good looks and making an impression. However, a nice looking design is not enough if conversion is your priority. Excellent User Experience, website loading time, customer care and easy checkout are only a few parameters that you should take into consideration. Take a look at these inspiring examples of fashion brands doing it right in the eCommerce world with the help of Spree.


Everlane re-defines the fashion supply chain, sharing the true costs and factory details behind their products. The brand is engaging and memorable. It stands out in the fashion industry thanks to its ethic and transparent attitude. Its online store reflects perfectly those qualities with the simple but elegant design and user-friendly navigation.

Everlane Spree Commerce Success Story


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Mack Weldon

Since its launch in 2011, Mack Weldon has grown to become the leading online-only men’s basics brand. It’s reinventing the industry with smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping.

The company chose Spree for its eCommerce platform leveraging the latest in eCommerce functionality and web design trends. The site mirrors Mack Weldon’s tenets of sophistication, masculinity, and dead-simple “like it? buy it!” mentality.

Mack Weldon Spree Commerce Success Story


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Garmentory is the leading eCommerce marketplace dedicated to independent boutiques and emerging fashion designers that provides consumers with a new and curated shopping experience. It is an extensively customized Ruby on Rails, Spree-based application. This proved to be a good choice due to the flexibility and scalability of the open source solution, which withstood the startup’s exponential growth since its launch in 2014.

Garmentory Spree Commerce Success Story


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Finery London

Finery London is an online womenswear brand with a unique point of view and a mission to make modern, inspiring and sophisticated styling accessible, without compromising on quality. Finery’s focus on high-quality design and clean lines is visible not only in their apparel collections but also their online presence. The company’s website can be described as Clean, Contemporary and Visual. It was named Website of the Year at the Retail Systems 2016 award show.

Finery London Spree Commerce Success Story


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Huckberry is an eCommerce site dedicated to inspiring “more active, adventurous, and stylish lives” through exclusive sales, story-telling, and unique customer experience. It is also a bootstrapped startup that has grown rapidly, covering US $15 million of revenue in under first 5 years. For their ‘email driven retail’ model of business, Spree has played a critical role by allowing them to customize all the important pages and the website flow, driving sales merely with the emails leading to their impressive product pages.

Huckberry Spree Commerce Success Story


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Milan Style was originally founded as an online shopping destination for men’s designer and luxury branded clothing and quickly gained traction. Currently it features over 725 thousand luxury items from top boutiques all over the world and is probably the only large fashion marketplace in the world which allows users to search for thousands of items say in pink, khaki, floral designs or even transparent.

Milan Style Spree Commerce Success Story


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Relaxed, stylish, and comfortable. That’s how the founders of Nubikk describe their shoes, and shoe lovers across Europe agree. The brand launched in 2012 in Amsterdam, with the goal of creating high-quality designer sneakers.

Nubikk Spree Commerce Success Story


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Founded in 2011, Los Angeles-based startup MeUndies looked to change the way people buy underwear by making it fun and easy with cool patterns (you can even get matching pairs for your partner) and subscription box services.

When it comes to their underwear, they don’t compromise on quality and comfort. Their website reflects that pride in quality and user experience. Since 60% of MeUndies traffic is on a mobile device, it is crucial for the business that the site looks great and is easy to navigate also on smaller screens.

MeUndies Spree Commerce Success Story


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Luxury brands differentiate themselves through the projection of quality, whether it is the service level delivered by associates, the décor in the store, or the quality of the actual goods, luxury depends on differentiation for that extra margin. This isn’t easy to do in the digital world but Mitchells stores is one great example of someone doing this well. Their Spree based eCommerce platform that provides their customers with exquisite user experience. This way they feel welcome, valued and appreciated at every click, just like they do when visiting Mitchells brick and mortar stores.

Mitchells Spree Commerce Success Story


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Maisonette aims to be an authority in the children’s market as a shopping destination and an editorial destination with interviews and photo shoots. It is also a stylish solution to one-stop-shopping that stocks hundreds of brands, from cult and international houses to little-known labels. Maisonette uses Spree Commerce for its marketplace that integrates with inventory management systems of over 170 vendors.

Maisonette Spree Commerce Success Story


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