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Hard times ahead for DTC eCommerce and the rise of a dropshipping marketplace

What’s happening with Shopify is a health indicator of the entire independent DTC retail industry. And Shopify stock dropped 52% in the past 6 months. Long story short: hard times ahead. Google is about to introduce similar privacy changes to Apple’s which killed Facebook ads as a cheap source of traffic. The times of independent DTC brands might be coming to a painful end. There has never been a better time to launch or join a multi-vendor marketplace than now. Vendo is an all-in-one platform that allows you to onboard Shopify brands to your marketplace, as vendors, easily. Or to convert a Shopify store into a marketplace.

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FDA warning letters to 22 CBD E-Commerce businesses provide guidance for the industry

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently published 22 detailed warning letters sent late in 2019 to firms that “marketed unapproved new drugs that allegedly contained cannabidiol (CBD)”. These detailed letters contain valuable insights into the FDA’s thinking about interstate CBD sales and also guidance for hundreds of other CBD merchants on what kind of activities, including marketing copy, FDA sees as unacceptable. TLDR: don’t claim CBD cures any disease. Here’s a brief breakdown of what the FDA said.

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Selling CBD on Shopify becomes harder as FDA gets stricter on edibles

“Can I sell CBD on Shopify?” is a question better asked sooner rather than later. Some CBD E-Commerce merchants invest a lot of time and effort only to become disappointed with the payment processing options available or getting reported as illegal. As 2019 ends, FDA clarifies its strict stance on edible CBD sales. FDA also issued official warnings to 22 CBD merchants offering CBD oil, among other edible products. Some CBD merchants turn to Spree Commerce looking for marketing flexibility as well as cheaper and more versatile payment methods, including recurring payments for subscription sales.

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