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Which marketplace platform should you choose for your online marketplace business?

So you have 10-15 years of experience in your industry, know all about its potential, have contacts to the sellers, know how to reach the buyers, have read books such as “Platform scale” and plenty of blog posts, want to launch your own marketplace already, hope for the first-mover advantage and the last missing piece of the puzzle is the marketplace E-commerce software. Now, you’re wondering which marketplace platform would be a good fit for your marketplace business. Here’s a quick walkthrough.

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spree commerce multi vendor marketplace

Launch a multi vendor marketplace within a few weeks with Spree Commerce

Spree lets you launch within a few weeks a fully featured multi vendor marketplace with an unlimited number of SKUs from as many vendors as you can effectively onboard.

Check out this multi vendor marketplace demo. Please note that it uses the latest highly optimized Spree UX with superior page load speed and SEO.

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Multi-vendor marketplace examples from Spree Commerce success stories

Multi-vendor marketplace examples from Spree Commerce success stories

A multi-vendor marketplace is considered one of the most versatile business models, regardless of the niche or the industry. There are multiple examples of how this business works and how it can be applied with Spree Commerce

According to data gathered by McFayden Digital, global ecommerce will be worth up to $4 trillion by 2020. The growth is driven by the increasingly important position of online marketplaces among all digital companies. In fact, many unicorns are marketplaces that operate in areas where there was previously no marketplace available. 

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multi-vendor marketplaces are the future of retail

Multi-vendor marketplaces are the future of online retail (and retailers know it!)

What do Aliexpress, Amazon, and Alibaba have in common apart from starting with the first letter of the alphabet and being among the most valuable ecommerce brands in the world? They all operate in the multi-vendor marketplace business model. 

The multi-vendor marketplace model is currently one of the sexiest business models in the ecommerce world. McFayden Digital states that global ecommerce is predicted to be worth $4 Trillion by 2020 and that marketplaces are playing an increasingly important role in this booming industry. This growth comes from the flexibility of the model and the ability to apply it in nearly every business—be it in the B2B or B2C sector, selling products and services alike. In fact, many modern unicorns, including Uber or Airbnb, are marketplaces that are strictly designed to fulfill a particular need and operate in a previously unaddressed niche.  Continue reading