We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released Spree 4.5. This is a technology update that brings compatibility with Rails 7, as well as multiple developer experience improvements.

Rails 7 and Ruby 3.0 compatibility

Spree 4.5 is now fully compatible with Rails 7 and Ruby 3.0, to allow you to use the latest features available in the core frameworks. 

Take note of the changes in autoloading in Rails 7, as this impacts the way initializers need to be defined. For more notes, see Rails 7 release notes.

New Spree CLI for managing complex Spree-based projects

As e-commerce projects grow more complex and consist of multiple components, the spree_starter kit is not always enough. Because of that, we decided to introduce a CLI to make it easy to get started with new projects, especially when using the Vue or React storefronts. With the new Spree CLI, a single command will let you create a working setup for local development.

Vue Storefront is now on-pair with features of Spree Frontend

Modern e-commerce is very competitive and the solutions driving customer experience are evolving dynamically. A huge part of that is the storefront, where javascript-based tools like Next.js and Nuxt.js made a huge leap in terms of what’s possible when it comes to performance. We’re happy to announce that together with Spree 4.5, we’ve also released a version of Vue Storefront for Spree (1.4.0) that can fully replace the default Rails-based storefront. This allows starting with a modern stack on the front, without having to build the frontend part from scratch. Spree also offers a Next.js Commerce starter kit, that gives you the basic building blocks for building React-based storefronts.

Spree Storefront API JS SDK

More and more Spree installations work in headless mode, using the V2 API for delivering mobile and web customer experiences. We’ve released an updated version of the Spree Storefront API SDK, that improves type definitions, adds new endpoints, and cleans up dependencies. 

Spree Platform API JS SDK

With a stable version of Platform API, we’ve also published a Platform SDK package that will make it easier to build 3rd party integrations for Spree.

Upgrading to Spree 4.5

Read our 4.4 to 4.5 Upgrade Doc for how to upgrade your app to the latest version.