Rejoiner is the only email marketing solution that’s accountable for your entire email program—for less than hiring a new employee. Merchants use Rejoiner to send automated and triggered lifecycle email campaigns (cart & browse abandonment, welcome series, win back campaigns and more) to the right person at the right time.

You have the ability to dynamically insert product content into emails for a more personalized inbox experience, regenerate user sessions across devices so that customers have a seamless shopping experience on any device and the ability to A/B test different emails against each other to improve performance and ROI.

The integration of Rejoiner with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Rejoiner for your eCommerce business



Most retailers take wild guesses when segmenting their customers. They assume a champion customer, for example, is someone who purchased a few times and has a lifetime value of $250.

What if they’re wrong? They might send the wrong message at the wrong time. Or they might send an offer to a customer who was going to buy organically. Rejoiner segments customers based on behavioral data—automatically. It makes it easy for you to identify your high-value customers, new customers with potential, customers who are at risk and lost customers who aren’t worth marketing to any longer.



Rejoiner identifies the key events customers experience with your brand. And then optimizes your email workflows around those events.

  • Convert window shoppers into customers

The algorithms retarget window shoppers with products they’ve viewed, product recommendations, and more‐automatically.

  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by up to 15%

Follow up with cart abandoners in real-time using messaging specific to their most desired products. Rejoiner’s platform does this for you.

  • Unlock revenue you didn’t realize existed

The reports show you how much money you’re losing from abandoned carts and why—making it super easy to fill the leaks in your funnel.

  • Allow shoppers to finish buying on any device

Rejoiner’s automatic session regeneration saves a user’s cart so they can begin checking out on their phone, then later finish on their desktop (and vice versa). Without having to re-enter their data or retrace their steps.

  • Predict what your customers want to buy next

Rejoiner’s software predicts which products your customers want next. And then emails these products proactively for effective cross-selling.

  • Leverage VIPs

Rejoiner identifies your VIP customers. And then delivers messaging to keep them engaged, drive bonus conversions, and encourage VIPs to become brand ambassadors.

  • Win back customers that you’re about to lose

Rejoiner analyzes your customer purchase lifecycle to identify the exact moment a win-back email campaign is most likely to retain customers.

And, remember, it’s not just guessing.

Rejoiner pulls millions of data points from past successes and pairs them with hands-on consultation.

How to integrate Rejoiner with Spree



1. Add this extension to your Gemfile with this line:

gem 'spree_rejoiner', '~> 1.0.1'

2. Install the gem using Bundler:

bundle install

3. Copy & run migrations

bundle exec rails g spree_rejoiner:install

4. Restart your server

If your server was running, restart it so that it can find the assets properly.



Once you have a Rejoiner account, you will need to configure your Site ID in Admin under Configuration > Rejoiner Settings.

Don’t have an account with Rejoiner yet? Get started here.

Optionally, you may configure a Domain which is used to store the Rejoiner Session ID cookie. This is only needed if you wish to share the Session ID between multiple subdomains. Otherwise, this extension will default to using document.location.hostname

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