We’re proud to announce two new major Spree versions: Spree 3.5 for Rails 5.1 and Spree 3.6 for Rails 5.2 with ActiveStorage support out of the box.

A big thanks to all the Spree users for their support, Spree developers for their feedback, Spree contributors for their work, and the core team of Spree Developers, QAs and PMs.

Feel free to submit any Github Issues or improve Spree open-source project any way you need. Also, do share this announcement with your dev friends to invite them into our amazing dev community on Github or Spree Slack.

Also, make sure to submit your Spree Success Story for publication on our website and in social media channels.

Last but not least, check out at the end of this post what’s planned for the upcoming Spree releases. We’re very excited to build a front-end inclusive Spree dev community and include more apps in the Spree ecosystem thanks to API V2.

New Features

Rails 5.2

Spree 3.6 is now compatible with Rails 5.2 compared to 3.5 which used to run on Rails 5.1. Thanks to that you can start using all of the new great features available in Rails 5.2.


Active Storage facilitates uploading files to a cloud storage service like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft Azure Storage and attaching those files to Active Record objects. It comes with a local disk-based service for development and testing and supports mirroring files to subordinate services for backups and migrations.

ActiveStorage was introduced in Rails 5.2 and with Spree 3.6 release it’s the default file storage option. We’ll still support Paperclip until Spree 4.0 when it will be removed from Spree core.

Ruby 2.5

Spree now works with Ruby 2.5, 2.4, 2.3 and 2.2 (>= 2.2.7)Ruby 2.5 introduces many new features and performance improvements.

Multi-store management

We’ve added an ability to manage multiple stores in one Spree instance of your application. Thanks to that you can easily create stores per region / language / currency. This feature will be enhanced in the next releases.

Extracted Analytics tracker into a Universal Extension

Our goal is always to keep the core Spree lean and flexible that’s why we’ve moved all of the code of Analytics Trackers to an Extension which you can use with any Spree 3.1+ version.

Spree Analytics Trackers extension currently supports Google Analytics and Segment.com (Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixels, Google Remarketing, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Redshift, and over 200+ other tools and vendors).

Admin Panel views exporter

You can easily copy all of the default spree admin Panel into your project with just one command line:
rails g spree:backend:copy_views
We hope will make backend customization the Admin Panel a lot easier.

How to install?

Add Spree to your Gemfile

Rails 5.2

gem 'spree', '~> 3.6.1'
gem 'spree_auth_devise', '~> 3.3'
gem 'spree_gateway', '~> 3.3'

Rails 5.1

gem 'spree', '~> 3.5.0'
gem 'spree_auth_devise', '~> 3.3'
gem 'spree_gateway', '~> 3.3'

Run bundle install

Use the install generators to set up Spree

rails g spree:install --user_class=Spree::User
rails g spree:auth:install
rails g spree_gateway:install

How to upgrade?

What’s next for Spree?

In the upcoming Spree releases please expect API V2 for:

Storefront API (Spree 3.7)

  • to be used with modern frontend toolset (React/Vue/Angular) and mobile apps
  • the ultimate goal is to make the Frontend Engineers life easier

Platform API (Spree 3.8 and Spree 4.0)

  • to be easily integrated with any 3rd party services and apps
  • 3rd party apps can be written in any programming language
  • the goal is that any operation that can be performed via Admin Panel should be available in Platform API

Feel free to comment on the Spree roadmap on Github or Spree Slack.