Storyblok is the world’s first headless CMS that caters to both developers and business users. A conventional CMS makes it difficult to reuse content on other platforms. While other headless solutions may be more adaptable for developers, editors may find their capabilities too narrow.

Instead, Storyblok offers a solution with visual editing tools and highly customizable content blocks for marketers on top of a modern headless architecture that gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms.

The benefits of using Storyblok for your ecommerce business



Let’s users edit websites on the fly and improves team productivity by allowing them to collaborate within the self-explanatory UI. Preview content before it goes live using the responsive preview feature that allows users to choose from 3 different modes for content preview – desktop, tablet, and mobile.



Content management is made simpler with nestable content blocks. Create teasers, grids, or feature sections that can be refilled and repurposed elsewhere. Reusable components can be used to build dynamic layouts for landing pages, case studies, testimonials, and more.



Set up a content staging workflow to perform the necessary checks before content goes live. Define multiple workflow stages and publish only approved changes. Group content changes in releases and schedule publishing, whether manual or automated.



Storyblok transforms, optimizes, and caches your images in a CDN for fast websites and apps.



Keep your UI clean by choosing only the features you need most by adding them from the app-store. Apps include S3 backups, Optimizely, internationalization, access control, and more. You can even extend Storyblok by adding your own apps.

How to integrate Storyblok with Spree



To install the Storyblok and Spree integration, first, add this extension to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'storyblok'

And then execute:

bundle install

Copy and run migrations:

bundle exec rails g storyblok:install

If your server was running, restart it so that it can find the assets properly.

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