Shippo is a shipping platform that simplifies eCommerce processes. By integrating it with your shopping cart and marketplaces, you can easily import orders, purchase shipping labels, and print packing slips.

The integration of Shippo with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Shippo for your eCommerce business


A Complete Shipping Solution with a global network of carriers

You have access to multiple domestic and international shipping carriers at once.


Professional Shipping Labels

By integrating your Spree Commerce account with Shippo, it’s easy to create professional shipping labels for a wide range of carriers.

  • Print shipping labels for shipments
  • Import your customers’ orders
  • Compare rates through our carrier network


Discounted Shipping Rates

Shippo offers discounted rates through USPS, DHL Express, and more to help you save money on your shipping mix.


Orders in Sync

By integrating with Shippo, you can automatically sync orders from your Spree Commerce account and send back tracking information.

How to integrate Shippo with Spree


Once you create your Shippo account, you can integrate your shop using a dedicated Shippo gem. Connecting with Shippo API will enable you to calculate shipping rates and manage your shipping labels.


Getting shipping rates

You can use Shippo to calculate shipping rates for your shipments. Once you have a source address, destination address, and package dimensions, you can obtain the rates and display them on checkout. The client can then choose the option they prefer.


Managing your orders

When an order is complete, you should send it to Shippo as a Transaction. Once you have the order on your Shippo dashboard, you can start fulfilling it. Customers’ addresses are pre-filled to your shipping labels – that way, you don’t have to copy-paste addresses anymore. Next to each one of your orders, you will find a ‘Create label’ button. There you can, if necessary, edit your package dimensions and choose your preferred shipping provider. Once all the information is available and correct, you can buy and download a shipping label immediately.


Apart from sending the data to Shippo API, you can also receive information. For example, you can periodically check your transactions to see if they already have a tracking number. Once they do, you can update these numbers in Spree as well and send them in shipment emails to your clients.


Detailed API documentation:


Thanks to Shippo you don’t need to integrate with each of the carriers individually, you can get all the rates at once. And, as if that was not enough, you can get your shipping labels with only a few clicks on the Shippo dashboard. – Maria Syczewska, Senior Backend Developer, Spark Solutions

Shippo also integrates with Vendo – Spree-as-a-Service solution.

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