ShipEdge is a cloud-based all-in-one warehouse management system. It is designed to automate Omni-channel operations and enable companies to control inventory everywhere by creating and managing Omni-channel fulfillment networks.

The integration of ShipEdge with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using ShipEdge for your eCommerce business


Warehouse Management System

  • Automate order entry via integrations with multiple selling channels, tools and shopping carts.
  • Synchronize inventory and process orders as they are paid while updating order states and posting tracking numbers as they are shipped.
  • Optimize logistics by selecting the best shipping method based on prices and destinations, which are verified through USPS’s census database.
  • Relocate inventory by changing order priorities, offering the user control beyond the typical “First In, First Out” approach.


Order Management System

Shipedge’s order management system is, in its simplest definition, a funnel. It’s a tool that helps manage multiple channels and tasks in one convenient interface.


Fulfillment Networks

  • Dropship Orders
  • Reverse Logistics
  • FBA Integration
  • External Warehouse Shipping
  • Inventory Anywhere / Everywhere

How to integrate ShipEdge with Spree


ShipEdge is one of multiple warehouse management systems available for ecommerce companies and as such does not have an out-of-the-box integration with Spree.


As a platform, ShipEdge offers three ways of integrating with their system: REST API, SOAP API and FTP file exchange. Developers at Spark Solutions, who were working on integrating ShipEdge for one of the clients, decided to go with standard REST API for this project.


However, it is worth noting that even though the approach might be outdated, simple CSV exchange service might also be a legitimate way of integrating your store with a fulfilment center. Developers have full control over the exchanged files and parsed information; You don’t have to worry about undocumented endpoints, incorrect error messages and wrong statuses.



ShipEdge allows you to create stock replenishments, which are used to handle returns and stock updates. Every replenishment request will be verified by the warehouse team assigned to your store.



Although we use Spree as the source of truth for Orders, you can easily manage those from ShipEdge’s admin panel as well. It’s clean and robust.


An integration guide is available at ShipEdge website, however, only for customers, so you need to log in to see the content.


ShipEdge was a pretty quick integration done via REST API once we decoded parts of the available documentation. We were able to swiftly do the initial orders sync, which was later followed by Replenishments & shipping method mapping. – Michał Bajur, Developer at Spark Solutions

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