spree commerce avalara avatax official certified extension api v2

The new officially certified Spree AvaTax extension will help Spree users and developers to switch from the old Avalara REST API V1 to the latest REST API V2. In the words of Avalara developers, “the benefits are huge” as the new API V2 offers improved AvaTax performance, reliability and a wide range of new functionality. 

And since AvaTax delivers sales and uses tax calculations at the time of checkout or billing — in real-time — the business benefits from implementing the new Spree AvaTax V2 extension are significant, potentially improving conversion rates and sales results.

The new officially certified Spree AvaTax extension can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_avatax_official

Features supported by Spree AvaTax V2 extension:

  • Tax calculation (additional/included tax) – US state tax, Canadian HST, VAT supported
  • Address validation for US & Canada
  • Committing complete orders
  • Cancelling (voiding) orders
  • Refunding orders
  • GetByCodeService for getting SalesInvoice for order from Avatax
  • GetTaxService for getting total TaxCalculated for order from Avatax
  • AvataxLog for logging API calls
  • Caching responses for improved performance
  • Multiple company (store) support

The new extension comes with technical support from both the Spree Commerce core team and Avalara and will be maintained to keep up with the innovations introduced by Avalara in the future.

The old extension will no longer be maintained or supported.

For more information, support and guidance on how to implement Spree AvaTax V2 extension feel free to:

New Certified Spree and Avalara AvaTax V2 integration New Certified Spree and Avalara AvaTax V2 integration