TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax, and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses. The tool is designed to automate sales tax computing, reporting, and tax filing. It eliminates the tedious tasks of tax compliance cycle and allows you to concentrate more on growing your businesses.

The integration of TaxJar with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using TaxJar for your eCommerce business


Tax Reports

Automated sales tax reports in all states for simplified filing.


Simplified Sales Tax

Accurate sales tax rates & calculations at the state, county city and special taxing district level.


Filings automation

AutoFile is the name of TaxJar’s automatic electronic filing service for state sales tax. Once you enroll, TaxJar will use the information we receive from your eCommerce providers & marketplaces to prepare and submit returns to the state, along with payments.


Sales Tax Calculator

A helpful tool from TaxJar for sales tax rates.

How to integrate TaxJar with Spree


Taxjar maintains the Taxjar Ruby API Wrapper – a Ruby interface to the TaxJar Sales Tax API. You can use the API to access TaxJar API endpoints, which can get information on sales tax rates, categories, or upload transactions.


You can also use a Spree extension for TaxJar managing setting of Taxjar Api key, showing sales tax while checkout and creating transactions on Taxjar when order is created, updated (managing refunds), and canceled. In order to integrate the extension, follow the steps in README.


Taxes are a complicated matter but tools like TaxJar make them much easier. You need to provide address and line_item data through API call and it calculates taxes for you! Thanks to Spree’s flexibility and it’s TaxJar extension, applications based on Spree can be integrated with Taxjar easily. – Grzegorz Stochel, Ruby on Rails developer, Spark Solutions


Example of TaxJar and Spree integration


Southern Kitchen is a content-driven eCommerce, which would provide a seamless shopping experience for customers looking to recreate a Southern lifestyle through cooking. The company uses Spree for its online platform and TaxJar for tax calculations.

Read more: Southern Kitchen’s Success Story


example of TaxJar and Spree Commerce Integration

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