Mollie is a leading European payment gateway processing payments for 55.000+ merchants across Europe.

The integration of Mollie with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Mollie for your eCommerce business


  • Localized payments

    Create a local experience for your international customers.

  • Multicurrency

    Your customers have the freedom to pay with their preferred currency.

  • One contract

    Access all major payment methods with a single contract.

  • Fraud monitoring

    Feel secure with smart fraud monitoring on all your payments.

  • One-click payments

    Give your customers low effort payments resulting in higher conversions.

  • Recurring payments

    Everyone is different, create a payment plan that fits your business.

  • Dynamic 3D secure

    Safer payments with dynamic 3D secure on credit card payments.

  • PCI-DSS level 1 certified

    You’ll sleep better knowing your payment data is in good hands.

  • Mobile friendly

    Wherever you go, payment screens are optimized with automatic device detection.

  • Only pay for what you use

    With Mollie you only pay, a transparent and low fee, for every successful transaction.

How to integrate Mollie with Spree


Good news! Now you can use the official Mollie payment gateway for Spree Commerce. This gateway supports all aspect of Spree Commerce and payments can be created through both spree_frontend and spree_api.

Please go to the signup page to create a new Mollie account and start receiving payments in a couple of minutes.



  1. Add the extension to your Gemfile using:
gem 'spree_mollie_gateway'
  1. Install the gem by running bundle install.
  2. Run the installer which takes care of copying migrations:
bundle exec rails g spree_mollie_gateway:install

Configuring Mollie Gateway

Mollie and Spree Commerce Integration

  1. Configure a new payment method (Spree Admin -> Configurations -> Payment Methods -> New Payment Method).
  2. Select Spree::Gateway::MollieGateway as a Provider.
  3. Fill in your live / test API key.
  4. Fill in your hostname. Used for generating the webhook URL and redirect URL.
  5. Select “Front End” in the Display selectbox.
  6. Save and you’re done!


“Because we’re a tech-driven company, but we also have a lot of smaller customers (without access to a developer), we wanted to build a payment gateway which takes full advantage of the Spree Commerce framework. We hope that by making it available to all users of Spree Commerce, it will be the #1 Spree gateway for everyone.” – Mollie


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