Mailchimp is a popular marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. It helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results.

6 billion emails a week are sent using this tool in over 175 countries.

The integration of Mailchimp with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Mailchimp for your eCommerce business


Email marketing

A must have in every eCommerce. A newsletter will help you find your people and keep them engaged so you can keep growing your business. Once you have built your email base, it is also the cheapest way to advertise and sell your products.



Mailchimp’s segmentation tools allow you to use the information you have about your customers to create and send targeted campaigns. Segments are a great way to increase relevance in your marketing, and they’ll help improve your open and click rates.


Marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you reach the right people with the right content at exactly the right time, so you can eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on other parts of your business. You can introduce people to your company with a welcome series, get repeat customers by sharing product recommendations, re-engage lapsed customers, send happy birthday messages, send abandoned cart notifications and more.

How to integrate Mailchimp with Spree


Sending emails to the subscription list

There are two ways to do the integration:

  • You can embed a Mailchimp list signup form on any page of your website. This is the fastest and easiest way to integrate Mailchimp with Spree.
  • You can integrate your website directly via Mailchimp API. For this you will need to use the Gibbon gem. This is a better solution if you need advanced adding to the list option or synchronizing your users with the Mailchimp database.


User notifications regarding abandoned cart

This can only be done via API. Integration involves the transmission of data concerning the customer, the products and the carts to Mailchimp. After each cart modification in Spree, an update is sent to Mailchimp. If Mailchimp detects that the given user has not completed the checkout and abandoned the cart, an email will be send to this user with information about what is in the cart etc. For this we also use the Gibbon gem.


Product recommendations

Very similar to the previous one, but in this case we must additionally send info about the completed checkouts so that Mailchimp can choose recommendations that will be sent with the abandoned cart messages or mailing campaigns.


Thanks to Spree’s flexibility, Mailchimp integration is pretty straightforward and optimal. All API calls can be moved to a background job resulting in faster response times and better user experience. – Piotr Leniec, Senior Full Stack developer, Spark Solutions


Example of Mailchimp and Spree integration


Southern Kitchen is all about Southern recipes and traditions. It is a highly content driven eCommerce platform built with Spree. It uses Mailchimp to grow the subscribers list and deliver them personalized content and recommendations. Thanks to the data collected by Mailchimp’s analytics tools, Southern Kitchen has also been able to implement Facebook Ad Campaigns to help identify new lookalike audiences to appeal to. This strategy helped Southern Kitchen drive page views and eventually boost sales.


“We initially drove people to join the email list through ad campaigns on Facebook. We were also careful with where we deployed the signup prompt on the actual website. It wasn’t something we hit you over the head with. We’d wait until you were midway through an article, or had gone a couple pages deep, before you ever saw the prompt.” – Ryan Anderson Director of Analytics, FortyFour digital agency

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example of Mailchimp and Spree Commerce Integration

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