Gladly is a customer service platform designed with people at the center and uniquely enables a single lifelong customer conversation across all channels from voice to modern messaging. 

It centers customer service around the person, not a case or ticket number, and helps some of the most innovative consumer companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and develop lifelong customer relationships, not one-off experiences.

The Gladly and Spree integration was developed by Upside (Spree Commerce development partner) while working in close collaboration with the Gladly team.

The benefits of using Gladly for your ecommerce business


With Gladly, you can have a full view of your Customers and how they interact with your brands in a single view.



Pull key Customer details from Spree like their contact details, lifetime value, and real-time order history into Gladly to give your Agents a full view of the Customer.

Empower your Agents to handle refunds, cancellations, and view key customer information from Spree all within Gladly. With the Spree integration, Agents will be able to know who the customer is, what they like, and what they bought, so they can have radically personal conversations with customers and drive more revenue.



Because Agents can also see a customer’s order details, including product images, your Agents can quickly assist Customers when they have product-related questions.



When Agents need more than a snapshot view, they can access the full order details in Spree with just one click from the Gladly Customer Profile.

How to integrate Gladly with Spree

This extension allows you to connect your Spree store with Gladly and enables customer service agents to see basic information about Spree customers and their orders  within the Gladly platform.

As a pull-based integration, once connected to Gladly, Customer Profiles are automatically linked (if auto-linking is enabled) to matched accounts in Spree. Agents can also link a Customer Profile to Spree manually regardless of whether the Customer has a verified account or has only purchased as a guest.  Once linked, Gladly reads customer data like their name, contact information, and order details from Spree and adds them to the customer’s profile within Gladly. 

A step by step integration guide is available on Gladly’s website.


Example of Gladly and Spree Integration

Framebridge makes online custom picture framing ridiculously easy, fast, and affordable.  By having Gladly integrated with Spree, they are empowering their customer service agents to deliver a more personalized and exceptional customer service experience.

gladly integration with spree

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