Negative Reviews Can Be Scary

Whether you’re just growing your business or you’ve been around the block awhile, receiving a negative review can be frustrating, intimidating, and a little nerve-wracking. However, if you attack the complaint strategically, you can turn the ticked-off customer into a fan for life, and stop future problems before they happen.

Reply Quickly and Politely

The quicker you can reply, the better. Whether it’s you or an employee, make sure someone is consistently checking the contact email inbox, Facebook, Twitter, and any other medium in which a customer can reach out. Reach out to the critic as quickly as possible, as it’s been proven that 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. And since more people are likely to reach out with complaints than compliments, ignoring these critiques is ignoring opportunity.

Offer Solutions

Don’t just apologize, and certainly don’t make excuses. If in any way possible, resolve the issue with the customer directly, in as friendly a manner as you can. For example, if their package is missing, send a replacement express, free of charge. Throwing in a gift card, discount or some other reparation isn’t a bad idea either.

Take the Criticism Constructively

If the complaint is legitimate, listen to it and see if you can fix the problem. This is even more crucial if you’re getting the same complaints from multiple customers. Eliminating the problem as quickly as possible will save you and your customers future headache by nipping the problem in the bud.

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