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Being a retailer in the ecommerce era can be an extremely profitable endeavor. With online selling, a retailer is not limited to sell his or her goods in one particular area for particular people. Rather, online commerce allows retailers to sell their items globally, increasing the probability for more sales.

If you’re a retailer, you’re undoubtedly looking for, or have already found, a reliable storefront. And if you’re looking for something flexible, interactive, easy, and cost effective, then Spree Commerce is the best ecommerce store platform to go with. Why should you go with Spree Commerce?

Easy to Customize

Spree’s open source, light weight framework makes it is easily customizable. Though the seller may not recognize the importance of customization, it can benefit him or her in a multitude of ways. The easier the framework is to customize, the more a developer will be able to focus on getting the exact business requirements fulfilled, instead of losing time (and the store owner’s money) due to the complexity of building out each key feature.

Even the engineers that built Spree are available as part of the community to help find solutions to problems that may arise along the way. This makes working with Spree more attractive for developers, as any queries regarding extensions, gems, and payment gateway integration can be easily solved.

Quick to Build, Easy to Operate

Since it’s supported by Ruby on Rails, one can easily assemble Spree quicker than any other online store framework to create a dynamic ecommerce store that is, consequently, easy to use. All the solutions are available within the community, and the actual developing done in Rails can be its most attractive aspect, since it consumes less coding and more logic.

Easy to Integrate Additional Functions, Features and Extensions

Extensions and additional features are needed by store owners, due to the fact that the default themes can sometimes lack a bit of functionality that one may wish to have. And this can easily be tackled on Spree in a few hours.

Extensions in Spree are easy and quick to make. One can customize an extension as needed within a short period by extracting quality-driven output, with the help of the easy and logical coding of Ruby on Rails. Furthermore, many third-party extensions are also available for Spree, making development of a Spree Commerce store even faster.

Adaptability, as the Business Grows

Many online businesses fail due to the fact that, as the business grows, a store starts to inhibit more complexity. This can manifest itself in the form of an increased customer database, more messages and emails, more product quantity, more visitors, more orders, more payments, and just plain more, more, more.

But with Spree Commerce’s integration platform, Wombat, you needn’t worry about the above complexities that can be associated with growth. Wombat was built by the Spree Commerce engineers, and allows your storefront to connect with any third-party service. In this sense, you dont need to migrate from one store to another to get the full benefits of additional features or extensions.

As your business expands, you simply connect to the new service required. Wombat has a wide range of pre-built integrations, which avoids much of the custom coding developers would have to perform otherwise.

Responsive (Mobile Friendly)

Some of of the first questions we’re asked by clients are, “Will my online store be mobile friendly?” and, “Will people be able to transact and buy things via their mobile device, laptop, iPad, etc.?”

Spree Commerce can easily be customized to fit into the ‘mobile friendly’ tag. And with its 3.0.0.rc1 and 2.4.3 update, you don’t even need to customize it to make it mobile friendly. By default, Spree will create a responsive e-store for you.

Easy to Integrate Payment Gateway

Spree Commerce comes with the pre-built feature of payment gateway integration. This leads to easy integration with any payment gateway you want in your Spree Commerce e-store, whether it’s Paypal, PayU, Stripe, Authorize.net, or any other payment gateway. You just need a developer familiar with Rails, and it’s done!

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