• Yuve chooses Spree Commerce to help busy people maintain a complete diet without compromising on time

Yuve chooses Spree Commerce to help busy people maintain a complete diet without compromising on time

Food is as much about Pleasure as Healing



At New York City based Yuve, they strongly believe that a combination of complete nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and relaxation makes everyone feel and look younger. But there’s so much to do and so little time! That is why Yuve founders’ goal is to help people be healthier and more confident by providing them with the best tasting vegan nutritional shake but also with inspiring and informative content like fitness & psychology advice or health & beauty tips.


Yuve decided to choose Spree Commerce as a unified eCommerce solution seamlessly integrated with WordPress as a blogging platform for a balanced mix of storefront and content marketing ingredients. Their new website was launched in just 3 weeks in cooperation with Spark Solutions, their Spree Commerce & Ruby on Rails developers.

The Story of Yuve & Spree Commerce


The founding story of Yuve is an inspiring tale of determined search for the best solution to one’s life challenges. Lola Sherunkova, Yuve Co-founder, left her life as a Russian ballet dancer and immigrated to the United States to pursue the American dream. After beginning work in New York City, she realized that leaving the active lifestyle of her former dance life had left her deprived of the fitness level, energy and nutritional motivations she once enjoyed.


Desperate to find a solution to her problem, she consulted her nutritionist but was left unsatisfied and wary of the artificial ingredients and unbalanced formulas. Instead of accepting the status quo, she decided to reach out to renowned health expert, Davide Gariboldi, in order to develop an all natural formula specifically targeted at meeting the nutritional needs of busy, health-conscious, individuals like her. With that, Yuve was born.


Similar story may be told about Yuve’s search for a technology platform to run their online retail business. Not accepting half-measures and unclean formulas Yuve team researched available solutions and decided to go with upcoming open-source Spree Commerce 3.0 storefront and established WordPress blogging platform.

Yuve Spree Commerce Success Story

Spree Commerce & WordPress Integration


Why Yuve decided to integrate WordPress with Spree Commerce 3.0 using the same domain getyuve.com? Because it greatly supports Google positioning efforts and enables Yuve team to share their know-how with wider audiences.


Edutainment and content marketing are very important to Yuve business. Nowadays, maintaining a high quality diet is a never-ending challenge. With the overwhelming amount of information regarding ingredients, sourcing, processing and delivery, making the “right” decision can often be incredibly confusing. Countless products are disguised as “healthy”, but in reality we are simply sabotaging our health. Lack of time due to long working hours often leaves us without breakfasts or lunches, causing bad snacking habits or chronic overeating. Spark Solutions and Yuve joint efforts help busy people around the world to make better dietary choices.

Tech Stack


  • Ruby on Rails with HTTP app caching & memcached for shorter page load times
  • Spree Commerce 3.0 – one of the first implementations of the latest version
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3 – for mobile-ready easy-to-modify layout
  • ReactJS – improved checkout components such as unified login & signup form for better user experience
  • Haml, Sass, CoffeeScript – front-end components
  • PostgreSQL, Redis – back-end engine
  • Heroku – cloud hosting optimized for increasing traffic loads
Yuve Spree Commerce Success Story
Yuve Spree Commerce Success Story




Yuve is a natural solution for busy people to maintain a complete diet without compromising on time. It can substitute a meal, serve as a snack or as an addition to your favorite smoothie. You can mix it with water, juice, milk of your choice, or coconut water. This simple process does not require heating or cooking. You can easily appease your appetite in minutes.


Spree Commerce 3.0 is Yuve for eCommerce solutions – it enables rapid development and deployment of a mobile-ready, user-friendly online store, it decreases time-to-market and hence increases your ROI. It can substitute your old storefront and meet your growing customization and integration requirements. You can mix it with PayPal, Braintree, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Amazon and many other ingredients for a successful eCommerce business. This simple process doesn’t require a lot of time and no developers are being harmed due to overcomplicated codebase. You can easily appease your appetite for eCommerce growth in weeks.

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