A 5-point inspection of Shopify and Spree Commerce: Going the Distance with your E-Commerce Platform

Pardon all the car metaphors, but sometimes a little comparison is needed to help put things in perspective; especially when we talk shop about your business.

Out of the Garage

Shopify charges a monthly fee ranging from $29 to $129. Spree charges no monthly fee. If we were to think of Shopify’s fee as a monthly lease, that’s not a bad deal; under $200 for a monthly lease? No way! But still, you should keep in mind that with Spree, it’s like being given a brand new car for free.

Under the Hood

Shopify doesn’t let you play around with the code. Spree is open source, which means you have access to all the code, and can download it at any time. So, with Shopify, that’s like only being able to go to the dealership for tune-ups, while Spree lets you hire any mechanic or even work on it yourself.

Basic Features

Shopify offers all the basics a business needs; it’s simple, uncomplicated and without any frills, but that also means it’s missing out on some extra features. On the other hand, Spree lets you pick the features you want, and use the ones you need. So, with Shopify, you’ve got your cup holders; but Spree lets you pick how many, where and in which color.

On the Road

Shopify stores are managed and maintained by Shopify. They’ve got their team who handles everything, for everyone. With Spree, you run your own show. On the whole, it’s nice that Shopify is managed, but that’s kind of like a car that decides when and where to stop for service. Sometimes you’d rather be on the road, or taking advantage of that big sale you just set up instead of seeing a loading screen. With Spree, you’re at the wheel, at all times. You pick when it’s best to perform routine maintenance, and never mess up a sale.

That Extra Mile

Few businesses run off the basics. To compensate, Shopify offers pricey apps (looking at $9-$99 per month each). Spree has a whole database of extensions, and they’re free. So, with Shopify, that’s kind of like seeing a toll booth after every turn; but with Spree, it’s an open road all the way. You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: how would you rather get to where you’re going?

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