Granify is a Canadian startup that allows tracking customers activity and their purchases as well as showing the promotion offers. It employs big data and machine learning technologies to enable online retailers to enhance their sales via a SaaS-based solution.

The integration of Granify with your Spree Commerce store can be done quickly and easily following the guidelines mentioned below.

The benefits of using Granify for your eCommerce business


Predicting which visitors are buyers

Thinking about eCommerce optimization for the future. Granify’s machine-learning decision engine predicts which high-value in-session buyers you are at risk of losing, then converts them.


Risk-Free Pricing For Proven Results

Pay-for-Performance. Billing based on statistically sound results ensures Granify does not take undue credit for the success of your own optimization efforts, only the impact of our technology.

How to integrate Granify with Spree


SpreeGranify extension helps merchant who using Spree to integrate with

Granify offers online stores a fully automated way to generate significantly more sales. By analyzing what motivates each shopper to buy, Granify is able to take action and show a trigger that facilitates a purchase decision. Granify requires almost no effort or time from the store owner – all they need to do is check their stats, and watch as their conversation rates and customer satisfaction rise.



1. Add the following line to your application’s Gemfile

 gem "spree_granify", :git => "git://"

2. Run bundler

  bundle install

3. Run migrations

  rake railties:install:migrations
  rake db:migrate



1. Before you begin

You’ll need to have a Granify account

2. Setup the API Key

Log in to AfterShip. Go to “Settings” page and select “Profile” tab, then copy the consumer key and consumer to initializers/granify.rb

Spree::Granify::Config[:consumer_key] =  "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"

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