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spree commerce community support

Supporting the Spree Commerce Community

Being open-source, the community has always been a vital part of Spree Commerce’s development; from feature suggestions to code commits, you have helped pave the way to make Spree Commerce the ecommerce platform it is today. 

The latest version, Spree 4.2, introduces several powerful new features – more on that below – and is the collaborative work of 34 individuals worldwide who contributed over 1700 commits since the previous version. 

Because of the fantastic support Spree continues to receive, we have decided to return the favor and boost our support of the Spree Commerce community to help build the open-source ecosystem.

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Spree Commerce Partner Network

Spree Partner Network – expert Ecommerce developers in high demand

Spree Partner Network is an opportunity for Ruby on Rails (but also Javascript) software agencies to gain new Spree clients, Spree project experience, and marketing exposure. It’s an opportunity for E-Commerce businesses to work with reliable and proven Spree development partners. As several E-Commerce categories are currently booming, expert E-Commerce developers are in high demand. Spree Partner Network brings benefits to both the clients and dev shops.

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